Make tea, not war

“Make tea, not war” – Monty Python

It’s the famous proclamation of the Monty Python boys, written on the back of one of the leather jackets of the famous Hell's Grannies sketch, but we’re totally nicking it as our catchcry. First, we make the tea, then we make the love. Cos we’re peace-loving little tea enthusiasts right here! 

Looking to find your own peace in a teacup? The Botanica Tea Co. collection has been designed for bad ass brewed infusions of wholesome herbs, roots, leaves, barks, fruits, flowers, and spices that work together to relax the nerves, nourish and support and heal our bodies from within. We work hard, and we play hard. So at the end of the day or night, we want something to take the edge off (and we’re pretty sure, if you’re reading this, that you probably do too, right?!).

Here are our three favourite brews for relaxing, sleeping or to just chill the freak out. Consider it your happy juice.




Forget the sleeping pills and brew up our Sleep Tonic tea instead. With organic lavender, zingy peppermint and delicate dried chamomile buds, it’s a fragrant and soothing mix that helps restore your body while you sleep. We’ve been sipping on this brew every night since we formed The Botanica Tea Co. (not least because this duo of tea merchants are both die-hard insomniacs!). Let us tell you. It works, people. Brew it up a half hour before bed, and feel the mind and body unwind. It’s our nightly pleasure! Find your Sleep Tonic HERE.


We designed this one as a natural chill pill, and it does as it says. Chamomile is our go-to ingredient for any relaxing recipe – this age-old medicinal herb helps to calm the central nervous system and assists to unwind the body and mind. We included lemon balm in this brew too, which relaxes and calms the nerves helping to ease anxiety (so you can stress less, princess!), plus a whole heap of other delicious, nourishing ingredients too. We love! Find your Zen As... HERE.


Not a fan of chamomile? We won’t hold it against you. Personally, we love it but we totally get that not everyone does. Which is why we designed our Beauty Brew #1 to do double duty as both a bath brew and facial steam, and taste just as good as it makes you feel, minus the chamomile. Organic lavender soothes the soul, and the rose petals…well, where do we start? We adore it! The healing powers of rose petals have been known for centuries, and the natural oils extracted from rose can help to treat emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety. It’s also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants for when your body needs a boost. Find your Beauty Brew #1 HERE.



Photo credits (top to bottom): Kristina Flour; Giulia Bertelli; Elizabeth Lies